• Tips for passionate sex

    Regardless of the usual rhythm of your sexual life (you make love twice a week or twice a year, it does not matter!), you can improve your erotic mood and sexual satisfaction without any special effort on your part.

    Do simple exercises

    The pelvic muscles are essential in achieving sexual pleasure, but unfortunately in day-to-day activities are the least used. Therefore, use yoga techniques, aerobic gymnastics, Kegel exercises or Pilates exercises that can tonify this muscular category. Here are some examples of exercise Jullieta says are good for your sexual life. Two minutes a day are enough to see a change for the better. One of the best exercises you can do is lying on your back, with your knees bent, and your feet slightly parallel to the floor, push the basin up, a few inches from the floor. Perform this movement ten times.

    Feed yourself sensual

    You have certainly heard about the aphrodisiac effect of delicacies such as shells or mexican food, extremely spicy, especially with chili. But there are other common foods that you can consume everyday and which are a serious stimulus for your libido.

    Consumption of cheese increases the production of phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter that releases substances similar to those during orgasm. Celery stimulates the production of androsterone, a hormone that plays an important role in the partner's sexual attraction. With the same aphrodisiac effects, you can eat banana, coconut, avocado, ginger, garlic and nuts. Do not neglect chocolate and vanilla.

    Attention to testosterone

    Testosterone is equally important for women's libido as well as for men.

    You can naturally increase the level of this hormone by resorting to physical strength training, for example by jumping on the ground with crunching on landing. Also, researchers have shown that testosterone levels can be stimulated if the daily diet contains 30% fat.

    Nutritional supplements that stimulate libido

    Sexual satisfaction also depends on the health of the body. Therefore, you should choose nutritional supplements that have stimulating effects on immunity, blood circulation, nervous system functioning and hormonal balance.

    Products with ginseng also improve sexual performance, being an important adjunct to the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Guarana increases vitality and removes the effects of stress. Royal jelly is a great supply of energy through the complex of vitamins B, minerals and 18 types of amino acids it contains. Vitamin complexes from natural extracts increase the body's resistance and regeneration capacity, as well as central nervous system functioning, with direct effects on the body's response to stimulation (including erotic).

    More tips

    - Aromatic oils have aphrodisiac effects. Try ylang ylang, jojoba oil or passion fruit. Put a drop in an aromatherapy candle and wait for it to wake your senses.

    - Toys can be useful for many couples. There are various models in the erotic stores that you can choose together.

    - Slow, meditative music touches exactly those areas of the brain involved in relaxation and inducement of the state of pleasure.

    - Intimate underwear in suggestive colors instantly excites a man. Drop the classic cotton underwear, and the comfortable but inconspicuous bra at some nights. He is surely bored to see them every day.

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